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We pride ourselves to ensure that our payday loans get the cash your need as quickly as possible with no hassles or fuss.

We simply charge £25 for every £80 you borrow. So for example, if you borrow £80 you only need to pay us back £125 and if you borrow £200 you pay us back £250 (further examples below)

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Why does your APR seem so high?

Representative 1286.2% APR. The rules and regulations that govern financial payday loans companies like ours state that we must show you the Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

APR’s are simply calculated based on paying a fixed amount of interest annually. These calculations are more suited to longer term loans such as car loans, mortgages and credit cards, they do not suit short term cash loans.

So for example, if you borrowed £200 and paid back £50 every month for a year it would be a very expensive loan to take out.

Payday loans are different, they are only taken for a maximum term of 31 days and so APR’s are not the best way to measure how competitive our rates are compared to other longer term loan products.

It’s much easier to look at the amount you pay back in total rather than on APR. We are extremely confident that we offer the most competitive rates in the market for this payday loan service.

Late & Non-Payment Fees

Most of the loans approved imply no additional costs, unless you fail to make sure you have enough money to repay the loan on the specified date. Additional costs are then likely to incurred which will vary depending on the lender your loan has been placed with. If you understand you aren't able to repay your loan in full on the agreed date, you must contact your lender and explain your circumstances. There is a good chance they they will be able to help.

Payday Loans 4 Us are brokers. You are recommended to review your loan contract from your lender for detailed information. 



1286.2% APR

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